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Parts and Service

Where do I got for parts and service? Read More

Purpose of Snow Blower Shear Bolts

What is the purpose of shear bolts? Read More

Self-Propel Mower Belt Location

Where is the belt located on self-propelled mowers? Read More

Cleaning Underneath Mower Deck

Why is it necessary to clean underneath the deck? Read More

My Engine Doesn't Start

Why won't my engine start? Read More

Stop Lever Function

What is the purpose of the stop lever located on the mower handle? Read More


Read More

Where is the model number found on Brute products?

Where is the model number found on Brute products? Read More

Engine Stop Lever and Bracket Assembly | Brute FAQ

Where can I obtain information regarding the engine stop level and bracket assembly on 20" & 22" lawnmowers? Read More

Continuous Water Source for Pressure Washers

Does my pressure washer require a continuous water source? Read More