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Checking Pump Oil

How do I check the oil in the pump? Read More »

Chute Clog/Bagging Issues

How can I prevent the chute from clogging up with grass or other bagging problems? Read More »

Cleaning Underneath Mower Deck

Why is it necessary to clean underneath the deck? Read More »

Continuous Water Source for Pressure Washers

Does my pressure washer require a continuous water source? Read More »

Engine Stop Lever and Bracket Assembly | Brute FAQ

Where can I obtain information regarding the engine stop level and bracket assembly on 20" & 22" lawnmowers? Read More »

Equipment Keys

How do I get replacement keys? Read More »

Equipment Operator's Manuals and Parts Lists

How do I obtain an operator's manual and parts manual for my Brute Manufactured equipment? Read More »

Maximum Pressure Washer Hose Length

What is the maximum length of hose that can be used with my pressure washer? Read More »

Where is the model number found on Brute products?

Where is the model number found on Brute products? Read More »

Mower Cutting Quality

How often should I mow? Read More »