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Cleaning Boats | Brute
Cleaning Boats

Boats look great in the water, but take them out and you'll often find build-ups of algae and other invasive aquatic species. A pressure washer can help keep your boat looking its best -- in and out of the water. Watch Video »

Cleaning Brick and Mortar | Brute
Cleaning Brick & Mortar

Brick is a popular choice of home builders for its classic look. But dirt, grime, and moss can cause discoloration over time. Luckily, pressure washing can restore brick to its former glory. Watch Video »

Cleaning Cars and Trucks | Brute
Cleaning Cars and Trucks

Why take your car or truck to a carwash when you can clean it at home easily and effectively with a pressure washer. Watch Video »

Cleaning Concrete | Brute
Cleaning Concrete

Pressure washing is the easiest, most effective way to remove grease, oil, dirt and salt that's been ground into concrete driveways, walkways, and patios. Most of the time, a high-pressure wash is enough to clean concrete. Watch Video »

Cleaning Decks | Brute
Cleaning Decks

Over time, wood decks can become discolored by dirt, mildew, and rainwater. A cleaning with a pressure washer can restore your deck to its natural beauty. Watch Video »

Cleaning Fences | Brute
Cleaning Fences

Wood fences take a beating. They're out in the weather 24/7, which can leave them faded, green, even mossy. But you can turn back the clock with a pressure washer. Watch Video »

Cleaning Garbage Cans | Brute
Cleaning Garbage Cans

There isn't an easier, faster way to clean garbage cans than pressure washing Watch Video »

Cleaning Gas Grills | Brute
Cleaning Gas Grills

Nice weather means backyard barbecues. But grease and grime can accumulate pretty quickly in between cookouts. Cleaning your barbecue grill is a breeze with a pressure washer. Watch Video »

Cleaning Lawn and Garden Equipment | Brute
Cleaning Lawn and Garden Equipment

Lawn mowers are built to withstand the abuse that comes from the tasks it performs. The build-up of dirt, mud, and grime that accumulates from using your mower can be easily cleaned with a blast from a pressure washer Watch Video »

Cleaning Mini-Blinds | Brute
Cleaning Mini-Blinds

You know something is a real pain to clean if people would rather throw it away and buy new ones. Watch Video »