Fixed speed vs. variable speed

Brute Push Mower

The fixed speed self-propelled feature allows a fixed walking speed while you mow. The 2.3 mph walking speed is best suited for mowing on flat terrain at regular intervals.

With variable speed you choose your own walking speed up to 4 mph. The convenient handle design allows speed changes while mowing and trimming, around hard-to-get areas.

Grass Clipping Options

Look for either of these options, 2-n-1 or 3-n-1 models. 

Side Discharge – Grass clippings are discharged onto the top of your lawns 

Mulch – Cuts grass several times into fine pieces that decompose to act as a natural fertilizer for your lawn 

Bag – Collects grass clippings for compost or pickup (3-n-1 only)

Front Wheel Drive (FWD) vs. Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)

With front wheel drive the front wheels propel this mower forward.

With rear wheel drive the rear wheels propel this mower, so as the clippings fill the bag, more traction is delivered to the rear wheel which helps on hilly terrain.

High Rear Wheel

The large diameter rear wheels provide better mowing on rough lawns. The large wheel smooths out the bumps and offers better traction.

Key Start

Starting is as easy and effortless as turning a key. The low maintenance battery comes with a battery charger.

Single Point Height-of-Cut Adjustment

Instead of adjusting the mowers height individually at each wheel, a single lever adjusts all the wheels to the same height. Choose between 9 positions from 1.25" to 4".