What Are All These Terms?

Adjustable Spray Wand - Some models are equipped with an adjustable spray wand that you can adjust the spray angle by turning the tip.

Automatic Cool Down System (Thermal Relief) - Cycles water through the pump when water reaches 125 - 155 degrees F. Warm water will discharge from pump onto ground. This system prevents internal pump damage.

Axial Cam - A device (cam) used to transform the rotary motion of the motor/engine into the reciprocating motion of a pump's pistons.

Detergent Injection System - Cleaning detergents are drawn into the water stream to make cleaning more effective by allowing detergents to saturate the soiled surface.

GPM - A unit of measure for water flow, same as "gallons per minute."

High-Pressure Outlet - Connection for a high-pressure hose.

HP - Same as "horsepower." A unit of measure for work.

OHV - Same as "overhead valve." An improved way to control exhaust and intake valves on internal combustion engines.

PSI - A unit of pressure meaning "pounds per square inch."

Purge - A method of eliminating air from a pressure washer so that starting the engine is easier.

PW - Same as "pressure washer."

RPM - Same as "revolutions per minute." The number of revolutions (turns) an engine makes in one minute.

Side Valve - A type of internal combustion engine that uses a conventional "L" type cylinder head with the exhaust and intake valves on the side of the engine.

Spray Gun - Controls the application of water onto the cleaning surface with a trigger.

Thermal Relief - A technique used to reduce the build-up of high-temperature water within a pressure washer pump caused when the spray gun trigger is closed.

Turbo Nozzle - A device used to increase the effectiveness of high-pressure water, by spinning a narrow stream of water in a circle at a high speed.

Unloader - A device used to relieve the water pressure within the pump whenever spray flow is blocked.

Variable Pressure Control - A pressure washer feature that adjusts the water pressure to the specific cleaning task.