Pressure Washer Videos

  • Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

    Outdoor furniture is made of a lot of different things: Wood, iron, aluminum, even plasticWatch Video »

  • Cleaning Pools

    Everybody loves a pool or spa, at least until it's time to clean them. But it doesn't have to be a tough, dirty job, if you have a pressure washer.Watch Video »

  • Cleaning Siding

    Pressure washing is the most effective and efficient method of cleaning housing exteriors. The high pressure water stream can penetrate the textured surface of aluminum, vinyl, and wood sidings.Watch Video »

  • Cleaning Soffits

    A pressure washer can help keep soffits and gutters clean and looking their best. Watch Video »

  • Cleaning Stucco

    Stucco's textured surface collects a lot of dust and dirt. A pressure washer can blast away this unsightly buildup. Watch Video »

  • Removing Graffitti

    A pressure washer can remove unsightly graffiti from most surfaces. You won't need to use any detergents for this project, just plain water. Watch Video »